Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Folks, to get rid of this 'Tripod ad' bullshit above, I'm moving to Xoom! :) This won't take long, at all. I'll be done by tonight or tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000

The site has been redesigned! :) And on top of that, you can now get tot he site though WWW.SHENMUEMAN.COM ! What do you think about that? ;) Awesome eh? :) Well I'm happy, and now I'll really try to spend more time on the site, fabricating my own updates :) lol. And as we're drawing nearer to the November 14th American release, there will be more and more news about the localization and translation.. and more gaming sites will pick up on it :). So no need to worry, and keep visiting. And keep sending in those suggestions!

Monday, July 24, 2000

Wow.. July 24th already without an update. Anyway, I've gotten an email from Paul of the UK, saying that the European date is December 1st. (Crowd):"Thanks, Mr. Paul!" ;) lol. Well now you know, and sorry for not reporting it earleir but I don't know of or check any UK DC sites (Except UK:R.. but why go there for legit news?). And as far as updates go, I'll try to provide little 'game hint' updates like Maps as someone suggested, or a good VMU download or something, or a walkthrough. I just have to find out how/where to get something like a map.. And also, expect the American magazines to be all over Shenmue (and thus provide me with new info :)) when Sega releases a batch of "It's coming soon" type screen shots a month or two (or maybe three) before the USA release of Nov. 14th. Well, just hold on tight and keep visiting :)

Thursday, July 6, 2000

Brand new Link tonight to Scream's Shenmue Domain.. check it out :).

Tuesday, July 4, 2000

MOVIES!!! YEAH! :) My first batch of English movies is in. Out of 6 from IGN DC, 2 sucked ass ;). SO there are 4 movie updates today. Check them out! More to come this week. And happy 4th of July all you Yanks ;) (myself included).

Saturday, July 1, 2000

I'm really battin' 1000 here aren't I? :) At work I couldn't get to any computers. We just happened to be installing and setting up new software today! AAAAAAGH! Check back here monday, folks, for a huge update. I promise! :) Sorry about that

Thursday, June 29, 2000

OK.. I have planned the next update. It's on for tomorrow :). Get this: I'll have every movie uploaded by tomorrow night! I'll burn all my movies to a CD, bring it to work (yes, work! :) I got a job) and upload it on da T1. :) Actually it may be a cable or LAN but I don't know (because my dad doesn't know- he works there. all I know is it's fast :)) Then when I get home I'll update the page with maybe some suggested updates like a guide or a VMU download. I'll try to find them at work. SO STAY TUNED :)! See you tomorrow.

Friday, June 23, 2000

Yes! Another update! Check out the News section for details on Yu Suzuki's thoughts on the US ver.'s voice acting. This is for all of you "dub-hatas" out there ;) LOL. Anyway, sorry for not updating with all the movies I said I would for the 'next update' which is this one. I didn't expect news to pop up :). I'll probably have another update w/movies and the some of the promised features below..on Monday or Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

        Finally! An update opportunity has come. Check out or this direct link: here for some awesome desktop wallpapers. I hope to be uploading these soon for some of those (like a forum buddy reinhart) who have Macs and can't do .exe's. For future reference, this will also be in the News section, as IGN DC has an article with the same link.

        And about the lack of updates.. I'm going to try a major uploading spree just to get the updates back to normal. As some of you may know, I make it a point to upload almost all the movies with bad links from their original sources, just to make sure you guys get them. Recently, I've been told the IGN DC Extravaganza (19 videos!) is down, and there are no links at IGN DC. So I'm going to have to upload them all. The problem is... Xoom only allows files roughly 12MB and under. Not an insurmountable problem, however. I'll soon get a file splitting program and, of course, make it available to you guys, as I try to upload split versions (if needed) of all the files currently featured in Movies that aren't on my Xoom account. What happens is my ISP "craps out" on me, (yeah, that's what they call it) when I try to set it up overnight on an upload spree. I'll have to go a few files at a time, monitoring everything during the day, but I'll get them up on Xoom. Check back every dayor two for the next week to ten days.. I should have everything up. I'll go newest to oldest while updating because, who wants a really old movie when they can get a new one? ALSO, I have had some good suggestions from you (keep 'em comin!) like desktop wallpapers (see above :) ) and downloadable items. I hope to think of something and upload it with the first movie batch. Another good suggestion is a walkthrough for you importers. Well, I'll try to get that as well. I have to contact the writer of a guide, etc, etc, etc. And finally, VMU downloads. I don't think I can just steal someone's off a downloads site, but I can sure link to a downloads site for you to get the downloads. Well, that's it for now but I'll try to always be updating, so don't go nowhere :).

Monday, May 29, 2000

          Yet another, and hopefully my last for a while, site redesign. I'm proud of this one. Snazzy graphics, and simplicity. No frames (although lots and lots of layers..) and maximal space. Sorry, the popup problem hasn't been fixed yet. I'm still host-hunting. I will find one though, that lets me and my buddy enews aboard too. So what have I got for you in the form of an update? Three new English movies. Go check them out- it's nice to be able to understand what they're saying now.

          Frankly, I'm suprised I stumbled on to 3 English movies. I can't forsee any update material I can use past these. I'll have 5 more English movies from IGN DC as soon as I can download 'em, but I have to look at the future. I'm going to need to be more reader-oriented in content.. news is as slow as hell. SO I need your ideas. What would you like to see on this site? Come on.. tell me. Would you like to submit anything- possibly art, reader reviews (or if we have to resort to it.. fan fiction ;))? Email me. I need someone to tell me something- nobody did last time. What else Shenmue related can I do around here? I'm open to anything. Thanks in advance.

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